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Here are some key terms you will find in the game. We hope these descriptions help with any confusion.

Activate :  To activate a card, turn the card sideways 90 degrees. The symbol to show a card can be activated is this; 

Armor:  This is a subtype found on some Defense Reaction cards. These cards can be activated after the Attacker has rolled for their attack and after the Defender rolls for their defense.  They can be activated before the Defender has rolled for their defense as well.

Icon:  An icon is the symbol of each Hero that replaces the '6' on their respective die. Some cards have this icon printed on them. If a card is activated for its effect and the result of the die roll involving that card comes up as '6', the Hero gains the icon effect on that card.

Piercing :  A card with the Piercing keyword on it is a special kind of attack. Cards with the Armor subtype cannot be used for defense against this type of attack. 

Powerful  : Damage from this attack cannot be reduced. 

Ready:  To ready a card, turn the card from sideways to face up. Cards enter play ready.
Weapon:  This is a subtype found on some Attack Action cards. These cards can be activated to make an attack during the Combat Phase. They may interact with other cards in play but provide no special effects themselves. 



Rain of Arrows - The player makes a roll. Whatever the result of that roll is, the player then makes that many attacks plus an additional attack. (ie., if you roll a 2, make 3 STR4 attacks. 3 being the rolled result +1)

Tahl (Necromancer Hero) - His special ability triggers the first time (each turn) he hits with an attack, whether from his Base Attack or an Attack action. He does not heal if his Ally hits with an attack. 

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