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The light from the braziers lit up the throne room, leaving no apparent place for shadows save behind the enormous gold and red throne in the center of the room. Sheyli sat on her throne as a lone figure entered the room. A chill ran through her body even though the room was sweltering from the flaming braziers that adorned it. The figure was dressed in black robes. The ends of the robes swirled and writhed as if alive. In his skeletal hand was a long wooden staff with an emerald glowing orb atop it. He pulled back his hood. Beneath his skull was visible atop a bare spine. Across his skull, human flesh had been stretched across and secured to his face giving him a somewhat human appearance. His eye sockets glowed with an eerie green




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Sir Dewei knelt at the battlefield amongst the field of corpses. His damaged helmet lay at his feet. He braced himself on his sword as he tried to slowly breathe. Tahl had been defeated but not destroyed. The necromancer managed to disappear into his living cloak at the last moment. But the battle had been won, for now. A hand touched Dewei's shoulder and he spun around, sword in hand. Tavin, the archer, raised his hands in surrender. 

"It is just I father. The king has been poisoned but is slowly recovering now. The cleric is healing him at this moment but I must find his assailant. I am tracking him as we speak. He sped off to the Kingdom of the East, Kage no Kyo. I will pursue him and make sure justice is given for his attempt on our king. 

"Be careful my son", Dewei said. "There is much out there

that you do not know."


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